A brand can be defined in many different ways and is often described as a form of identification which differentiates one business from another through the use of a name or logo.

However it is important to remember that a brand also symbolises how people view a business. A brand is not just a logo or a strap line, as these are just symbols or words used to identify and promote a brand, but is an overall identity that incorporates the attributes and experiences associated with a product or service. These things together with the logo design and copy need to be carefully considered when building your brand.

Creating a brand helps customers in their decision-making process when considering your product by forming perceptions of what they are going to buy before they make a purchase.

Before you develop your brand identity, it is important that you fully assess your business in terms of how it operates, what your target market is and what key messages you want to deliver consistently to your customers.

Assessing who your existing and potential customers are and establishing what they want and what they don’t, is key to creating a successful brand. There is no point in establishing your brand as a premium price supplier if your customers and target market are driven by competitive pricing, for example.

Every business already has a brand, even if it doesn’t regard it as one. Customers have a perception of what a business means to them. Building a successful brand means communicating your message to them more effectively and consistently.

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