When launching a new business, a logo is an important element of the process and whilst it is not perhaps as important as the quality of a product or service, it can go a long way to making emotional contact with your customers and form a lasting impression.

A logo is your chance to present your business in a positive light and convey trust. A good logo is highly instrumental in establishing a business brand and creating and building a long-lasting impression with customers. It is simple, clear, appropriate to the business sector it exists in and should be able to transfer a powerful, professional message to customers and ultimately set strong foundations for your brand.

Logos should be memorable. When you recall a business that you use frequently, their logo should subconsciously spring to mind. They don’t have to say what a company does. Take for example the Apple logo – it isn’t a computer or a phone symbol.

When it comes to getting your logo designed, it should be done professionally by graphic designers who understand how to convey confidence in a brand through design.  Good design is, after all, about effective communication. You should consider the exact image you want to portray to your target audience.

When choosing an appropriate colour for your brand, you need to choose one that represents your business. Colours play a vital role in non-verbal communication as they contain symbolism and meaning. Colours invoke different emotions and meanings, which we associate with each colour. For example, ‘cool’ colours that convey calming include blue, green, turquoise and silver, whilst warm colours such as red, pink, orange, gold and yellow convey more ‘excitement’.

Using fashionable fonts and images may be suitable today, but as fashions change, these can look out dated or out of place in a relatively short space of time. Ideally you need a logo which is timeless. Furthermore, just as colours are known to invoke feelings, fonts also do, so font styles should be chosen wisely. Whilst an elegant, flowing font would fit a logo for bridal wear for example, it wouldn’t necessarily fit a logo for an engineering company.

Good typography choices stem from understanding the type you are planning to use and the message you are trying to convey with it. A good graphic designer will help with this process and clarify the message, meaning, tone of voice and feeling through the design.

Your company, your industry, competitors and target audience should all be explored thoroughly as part of the design brief. The logo should be totally unique and distinctive but also considerations should be made to how it is presented in different formats such as stationery, advertisements, websites and livery.

A good logo design should work well in black and white, as well as colour and be instantly recognisable. Iconic and distinctive logos like Apple, Nike, Sony, Volkswagen, Coca Cola and IBM all achieve this. The simpler the logo, the easier it is to recognise and remember.

In summary, when considering a new logo design, you need to ensure it distinguishes your company from the competition, that it uses meaningful colours, an appropriate font, that it is simple and most importantly, memorable.

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