So you are happy with your company logo, it’s instantly recognisable and you have no wish to change it, but having set up social media pages like Twitter and Facebook you cant display it in its true format?

This is a common problem as many logos were designed before the onset of social media and simply uploading your logo with only part of it showing is defeating the object of gaining a recognisable profile online and presenting your company in the best way possible.

Some companies use the space to upload a photograph of the person who is blogging, others choose an image of relevance to their service provision or product whilst more and more organisations are using the space to develop a logo purely for social media purposes.

If your logo is near enough square in proportion to the dimensions then all you need to do is add a bit of padding  to the top or sides to make the social media version of your logo exactly square.

If your logo has a wider or taller aspect ratio, simply padding it to fit will result in your logo being small to read. One of the most popular ways to get round this is to take a single letter or element of design from your logo and turn it into your social media icon. If you are concerned that this may dilute your brand you can always adapt the icon with a customised header graphic at the top of your profile on both Twitter and Facebook as these spaces cover a wider area.

At design4equine we were faced with the same quandary so took the opportunity to develop a social media icon from elements of the corporate logo and we think it fits well…

design4equine social media logo

More and more organisations are opting for the creation of social media icons/logos and at design4equine we can create options for just £65.00 + Vat for you to consider. For more information contact us on 0845 262 0052 or email us here