Hannah Bate is a successful British event rider from Cheshire. On my visit to her yard, Hannah, her partner Paul and her support team were wonderfully welcoming. It’s the same team that supports her so effectively from day to day jobs around the yard, back office admin work, training the yard of gorgeous horses and getting to shows ranging from local shows to internationally renowned 4 star Mitsubishi Badminton Horse Trials.

Hannah also has a close relationship with her sponsors. All chosen for reasons such as supporting local equine companies to unusual smaller companies making bespoke products. Hannah was keen to reciprocate the support by providing them space on her website to promote their businesses.

As with many eventers, it’s the sponsors, owners and additional income that yards can earn that allows them to compete, especially at the higher levels. Hannah has a string of beautiful horses for herself as well of those for sale. I must admin that whilst uploading images to the website, I became very tempted by one horse in particular for myself! The website is great for that purpose. People need to read about a horse and see pictures before they travel miles to see it. The website also becomes a great place to create content and then share to various other platforms. Whether the content contains horses for sale or news about the yard, it means Hannah has control over what she wants to say which is then shared or used as reference by journalists.

See Hannah’s website here

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