Stella Benatti

See Stella Benatti’s new website here at

September 1, 2016

Equine Physio Services

Faith Fisher-Atack launches Equine Physio Services with a new website

August 1, 2016

Simplicity Makes Sense – Simple Sites

The science behind aesthetics How often do you click through a list of Google search results, going through them quickly saying to yourself “that’s not what I’m looking for”? You may then stop at a website and stay longer because…

March 14, 2016

Paul Trueman Equine Solutions

Paul Trueman is an experienced horse trainer having worked in many disciplines and areas of equestrianism. His training methods are based on an understanding of horse behaviour to build healthy relationships and resolve behavioural issues. Horses can then be broken…

March 5, 2016

E&G Racing

Richard East and James Gibb run E&G Racing; a club which consists of a selection of race horse syndicates. E&G Racing provides the opportunity to experience the thrill of racehorse ownership without the expensive outlay of owning a horse outright. Syndicates are…

March 1, 2016

Equestrian sponsorship – a two party business relationship

We all know that keeping horses isn’t cheap. As you start to compete at higher levels, the costs just seem to keep on rising! Sponsorship can be a viable way of balancing those costs. However, gaining sponsorship isn’t always easy….

February 17, 2016

New website for Hannah Bate

Hannah Bate is a successful British event rider from Cheshire. On my visit to her yard, Hannah, her partner Paul and her support team were wonderfully welcoming. It’s the same team that supports her so effectively from day to day…

January 23, 2016

Spencer Wilton’s website

The team at design4equine have enjoyed designing and building a unique website for top British dressage rider and trainer, Spencer Wilton. Spencer’s approach to riding and training is full of style and sophistication and he was keen to have a…

January 21, 2016