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Strategic planning

of marketing campaigns

A successful marketing strategy considers the roles of all elements of the Marketing and Promotional Mix and how these are best integrated to deliver a solution that works hard for you.

With the advent of social media, there are now more opportunities than ever to communicate with your audience. We will help you to identifythe best media channels in order to deliver yourmessage in the most effective way, so that you can achieve your business goals.
We can carry out an initial audit to evaluate your marketing activities and make recommendations for moving forward or design you an individual strategic marketing plan that is specific for your business at that moment. We can also provide ongoing strategic marketing consultancy, working in partnership with you on a regular basis to help you grow your business in line with the strategic plan.
Equine Marketing - Our marketing services include:




Competitor Analysis

Corporate image & identity

Customer loyalty

Identifying Customers

Market research

Product & service reviews


Strategic marketing plan