The team at design4equine have enjoyed designing and building a unique website for top British dressage rider and trainer, Spencer Wilton.

Spencer’s approach to riding and training is full of style and sophistication and he was keen to have a website that reflected this. Spencer has three very supportive sponsors whom it was important to feature, as well as his contact details and a few details about his dressage clinics. These are essential to confirm to the user that they’ve landed on the website they were looking for, provide inbound and outbound links which help SEO (search engine optimisation) and provide a point of contact which a) is expected nowadays and b) could lead to a valuable call. He isn’t a heavy public social media user and wouldn’t be prepared to update his website on a weekly basis. He mentioned that seeing out of date websites was very off putting and we couldn’t agree more! We always recommend having a website that suits your realistic interaction is best.

The focal point needed to be the imagery, but images that wouldn’t be easily dated (certain horses and events that would age the site). We worked hard to keep it very minimalist. It’s not a content heavy site so what was included needed to be concise and and the navigation and footer needed to be clear and logical for the user.

Spencer didn’t have a website before so we had a blank canvas to work with. We don’t mind re-designing or designing something new but sometimes it can help the client be be open to different options without comparing to what they had before. This is certainly a different design and will stand out from the crowd. What we’re most pleased with is how it fits the client’s needs. It’s wonderfully refreshing to prove that sometimes less is more.

See Spencer Wilton’s new website here

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